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$67K in unclaimed funds returned to Durham County

More than $67,000 in unclaimed funds has been returned to Durham County by the state treasurer.

State Treasurer Dale Folwell sent the funds to the county on Monday following a review of data at the department’s Unclaimed Property Division, commonly known as NCCash.

The unclaimed money for Durham County totalled $67,893.81.

The state defines unclaimed funds as “unclaimed property such as bank accounts, wages, utility deposits, insurance policy proceeds, stocks, bonds, and contents of safe deposit boxes that typically have been abandoned for one to five years. Funds become unclaimed because the company loses track of the consumer, due to an incorrect address or other missing information. By law, these funds are … turned over to the Department of State Treasurer for safekeeping.”

“These funds, now returned to Durham County, will be directed towards enhancing the services and programs that benefit our community,” said Board of County Commissioners Vice Chair Nimasheena Burns.

“Large or small, our state’s counties and municipalities all could use more cash these days,” said Folwell. “It’s essential for everyone to check for their unclaimed property as these resources could make a significant difference in their lives.”

Funds can be checked online by visiting

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