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At The 9th Street Journal, our student reporters are producing important community journalism. Your gift will help keep that great work going.

The 9th Street Journal helps prepare students for meaningful work in the nation’s top newsrooms. Our students’ stories fill a gap in local news coverage, adding value to the community where they live.

  • Our students learn by doing, pursuing substantive local stories.  We emphasize deep reporting and the craft of writing, and our students receive ongoing professional feedback and editing from veteran journalists.
  • Our student reporters step outside the “Duke bubble”: They go beyond the Duke campus to cover the Durham City Council, local elections and more. Students tell us how much they value the opportunity to learn about Durham and experience the community outside the campus walls.
  • The students’ stories fill a community void: At a time when local news is in crisis, The 9th Street Journal makes vital contributions to local news coverage. Our students write memorable stories about Durham and North Carolina — stories that would otherwise go untold. Their work reaches a wider audience through out partnership with Indy Week, a local newsweekly.
  • The 9th Street Journal sets up students for success: Our students have gone on to careers in journalism at outlets including Politico, the Chicago Tribune, Insider, Forbes and The New York Times. Students who pursue other career paths say 9th Street helped them hone valuable research and writing skills.

The 9th Street Journal is supported by grants and by gifts from individual donors.

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