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Reflections podcast: Learning life lessons through journalism

Student reporter Julianna Rennie has been deeply involved in journalism during her time at Duke, helping to found The 9th Street Journal’s Courthouse Project, among other initiatives. In the course of learning about journalism, Julianna also learned important life lessons, including lessons about confidence, about injustice, about how to ask good questions and how to seek information.

Julianna sat down recently with Bill Adair, founder of The 9th Street Journal, to discuss her time at the center for the Reflections podcast. The podcast episode is the latest entry in our Reflections series, occasional pieces that feature 9th Street Journal reporters writing and talking about lessons they’ve learned — about themselves and about journalism.

You can hear additional episodes featuring student reporters Grace Abels, Lilly Clark and Milla Surjadi on our Reflections podcast, available on Spotify and Apple. The Reflections series is funded by a generous grant from The Purpose Project.

Above: Julianna Rennie interviewing local chef Matt Kelly. Photo by Milena Ozernova — The 9th Street Journal 

Alison Jones