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New center for at-risk youth forming advisory board

Durham residents are invited to apply for an advisory board to the county’s new center for youth who are exhibiting social, emotional or behavioral challenges.

The Resources for Youth Success and Empowerment Assessment Center aims to connect youth and their families with county resources.

Youth aged 10 to 17 and their families will be able to work with a case manager to create a development plan. The center will operate a 90 to 120 day diversion program to connect at-risk youth to resources to help reduce their contact with the criminal legal system. Participation with the center is voluntary and cost-free.

The advisory board will guide the development of center services. It  will consist of community stakeholders who have  experience with youth services. 

Applications for both the Youth Member At-Large (ages 14 to 17) and the Community Member At-Large positions (ages 18 and above) will be accepted through June 26. The first advisory board meeting will be held on July 16.

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