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Reflections by 9th Street reporters

Journalism not only enlightens the people who read it; it also teaches valuable lessons to the reporters who write it. This week we are launching a new feature that will explore the many ways that student journalists learn and grow from their work.

Our new “Reflections” feature will include essays and podcasts in which reporters discuss the challenges of their work, what they learned and how they grew. The podcast will be produced by Cameron Oglesby, a veteran 9th Street journalist who is now getting a Master of Public Policy here at Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy. (The 9th Street Journal is part of Sanford’s DeWitt Wallace Center for Media & Democracy.)

To launch the series, we are publishing a wonderfully written essay by reporter Grace Abels about how much she learned about herself from her Pride Month interview of Durham District Attorney Satana Deberry. 

The new features are made possible thanks to a generous grant from The Purpose Project, a collaboration of the Kenan Institute for Ethics and Duke Divinity.

You can follow our “Reflections” essays and podcasts by following us on Twitter, subscribing to our newsletter, or by periodically checking for them on our website.


Photo at top of Grace Abels by Josie Vonk – The 9th Street Journal