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Durham prepares for more coronavirus cases

The city of Durham, local advocacy organizations and medical centers are developing plans in case there is a surge of COVID-19 infections in the area.

As the threat of a surge in hospitalization looms, Duke University and Duke Regional hospitals will need enough beds, adequate supplies and effective strategies to limit spread and save lives. “This is something that we have been preparing for and planning for — for this type of event — for years,” Duke Regional Hospital President Katie Galbraith told the 9th Street Journal. Reporter Jake Sheridan spoke to her about the ways Duke Health is gearing up.

Some of the most vulnerable people in Durham are those who are experiencing homelessness. Reporter Michaela Towfighi talked to city officials about how organizations that provide services for the homeless are changing protocols to protect people and what might happen if someone at a shelter contracts COVID-19.

As more coronavirus cases appear, residents are trying to stay prepared, too. People are still scrambling to stock up on essentials — especially toilet paper. Reporter Carmela Guaglianone found out what businesses are doing to keep toilet paper available and prevent people from hoarding it.

Top photo: The novel coronavirus, called COVID-19. Photo from CDC.