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Editor’s Note: Expanding our turf with the 2020 campaigns

When we started The 9th Street Journal two years ago, our student journalists were narrowly focused on Durham city and county government.  Our home page was clear about the mission: “We cover Durham,” it said.

This fall we’re expanding our turf because our students will be covering the 2020 campaigns throughout North Carolina. You might have noticed the mission on the home page has been tweaked. It says “We cover Durham (and North Carolina politics).”

The students (they’re all enrolled in my Advanced Reporting Seminar) have some fascinating races to cover, ranging from U.S. House seats in Greensboro and Asheville to high-profile campaigns for governor and U.S. Senate. We will report on the candidates, the issues, the moods of voters and access to the ballot box. 

Political coverage is a natural expansion for The 9th Street Journal, a student effort that has become one of the most popular offerings in Duke’s journalism program. The 2020 campaigns will give our students a chance to sharpen their reporting and newswriting skills and to learn about state and federal politics.

Six of the eight students are following campaigns – for U.S. Senate, governor, the U.S. House seats in the 2nd, 6th, 8th and 11th districts. The remaining two are covering the election itself – news about mail-in ballots, early voting and the challenge of having people vote during a pandemic.

With just two months until Election Day, they will have lots to write about in Durham – and beyond. You can follow the work on our 2020 Election page. 

Photo at top from Wikimedia Commons

Bill Adair