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Durham turnout up in 2018 midterms

Durham County had a big blue wave in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Turnout outstripped the previous midterm in 2014 by more than 30,000 more votes cast. That meant 55 percent of registered voters showed up compared with 45 percent in 2014.

And although the rest of the state passed four of six proposed constitutional amendments, including a voter ID requirement, Durham heavily opposed all of them.

Durham voted against all six amendments by at least 69 percent, including 77 percent against the voter ID requirement. The three other amendments that voters approved statewide “strengthen[ed] victims rights,” enshrined recent tax cuts and established a right to hunt and fish with “traditional methods.”

North Carolina also confirmed Democrat Anita Earls to a seat on the North Carolina Supreme Court. Statewide, she earned about half of the vote while two Republican challengers split the other half, but more than 80 percent of Durham voters supported her.

Voters again chose Democrats for Durham’s legislative seats. Incumbents MaryAnn E. Black, Marcia Morey and Robert T. Reives II will retain their seats in the state House of Representatives, while Floyd McKissick Jr. and Mike Woodard will hold onto their Senate positions. In the House, Democrat Zack Forde-Hawkins will fill the spot of Mickey Michaux, 88, who is retiring.

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