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A user’s guide to the 2024 primary

The 2024 presidential contest, already the focus of months of anxious speculation, now heads to North Carolina in the lead-up to Super Tuesday. Yet while they’ve received far less attention, lots of other key races are also on the March 5 primary ballot, including many that directly affect life here in Durham.

Election deadlines are coming up fast, too: Voter registration for the March 5 primary closes on Feb. 9. Then early voting starts Feb. 15 and continues through March 2.

In coming days, we’re training our eyes on the primary with an emphasis on local races, and stories designed to help you make the most of your vote.

Sofie Buckminster kicks off our primary coverage with a rundown of how new laws have altered elections procedures — and how to make sure you arrive at the polls ready to vote.

— The Editors

Pictured above: Voters cast their ballots in the 2021 election. Photos by Josie Vonk — The 9th Street Journal