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‘I voted’


Hundreds of voters aren’t waiting for Election Day. At the North Regional Library and other polling places, they are lining up to vote early

As people depart, nearly everyone proudly sports an “I voted” sticker. Here’s a look at some of the faces of the early voters.

“I usually go and vote on election day,” said Bill Hendrickson. But his wife is out of town “and I had some time on my hands. So I figured I’d go vote!”

Angela Mitchell, who has been in the Durham area for 18 years, is voting early because she won’t have time on Election Day. “This is the closest place to [my] work that I can come and vote.”

Gary Penny likes the expediency of the process. “I like to go ahead and get it taken care of I guess–never know what weather is going to be like on voting day.”